How to look taller with our 9 proven ways!

How to Look Taller?

Do you want to be more confident and comfortable by having a tall appearance? Have you ever wished to look taller in the front of mirror? If so, Our 9 proven ways will not only teach you how to look taller instantly but also makes you look more elegant and gorgeous, So If you want to know more about all the tips and tricks for your taller look be with us:

How to look taller with our 9 proven ways

Our Methods will teach you how to look taller by having a right dressing sense and use of elevator shoes, if you are unaware about the elevator than keep reading we will explain them in more detail and their advantages.

 Use of fitted clothes

Tight fitting dress gives you a taller and slim look as the removal of body fat does for you and wearing lose clothes increases the horizontal lines of your body, giving you a wider look ultimately you seem short and bulky.

Keep waist button above the navel

An important step in the way of your beauty is the selection of your jacket because having it determines your overall get up so always choose such a jacket in which button will be up from the novel. Additionally, the secret of doing this lies in the fact that it draws eyes up on your body and appear your legs longer.

Know how to look taller by wearing a hat

An excellent secret of have a taller appearance is wearing a hat because it attends your head and people assume that you are taller as hat appears you. Moreover, how much height you can gain from yours depends upon its selection and you can choose it of different heights pertaining to your choice. In addition, it is a most modern and creative way to look taller.

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How to look taller by Avoiding the use of belts

Wearing a belt is a barrage to give you tall and slim look. It is due to the reason of having them creates a horizontal line in our body which simultaneously give us a short look. Moreover, belts mostly divide the body and brings more attention on our lower end. As hat keeps attention upward in the same way belts keeps it down and we seem short.  

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Learn how to look taller with high waist paints

By wearing of high jeans it seems as your waist line is high that gives a long look of your legs and you look slim and tall. Therefore, high pants and jeans are a excellent gateway to give you in shape look and appear taller. In addition, one more feature of wearing these pants looks you younger, healthier and in posture.

Avoiding the use of elongated jackets

While you have a petite body and want to look taller than first and foremost thing you should avoid is having a long jacket because they cover most of your body and legs appear short. Consequently, use short and fitted jacket.

How to look taller by Choice of handbag

Carrying a hand bag leaves a profound affect on your overall appearance and if you wanna have a taller appearance don’t need to be overwhelmed with a heavy purse. Also always be conscious in the selection of bag that matches best in your type and personality because carrying a large one creates a horizontal line and wider appearance.

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10 Ways to look taller and slimmer

How to look taller with Elevator Shoes

Footwear in which hidden heels are incorporated to give you a taller look are Elevator Shoes. Recently different forms and styles of elevator shoes are available in the market like boots, sneakers, dress shoes, loafers. furthermore, they are also referred as a height increasing tool because they can give you a lift in your height up to an observable extent. The root cause of cozy and comfortable nature of this footwear is based on their construction and use of polyurethane from which sole of it is composed. Your outer look can never give an idea of using an insert unless anybody comes closer to your feet so it is a gateway of grooming your height, confidence and personality. In addition, they cannot be used only indoor but also outdoor because a high quality, water resistant and durable material is used in them. One more thing that was under consideration during preparation of Elevator Shoes was to make them non slippery to give you a comfort of using them in all weather conditions even also in snowstorms so all the measures that we took for the provision of elevator shoes are solely related to give you more power in social and professional situations.

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Why should we use elevator shoes?

It has become a trend and a part of fashion to get elevator shoes but people are adopting them due to a number of reasons as to get more gorgeous and commanding look and it is also an aphorism that people with tall height are occupied with self-confidence and equipoise state. In some cases, Elevator Shoes can also assist you in your professional growth and to evolve in one’s career. Moreover, in case of women getting high heels give them elegant and sexy look. Consequently, we can say all these shoes are here to give you a lot of glamour without pain.

How to Look Taller?
How to Look Taller

How can we increase height up to 6 to 8cm?

Elevator shoes are actually responsible to give you a natural taller look because insole of it is designed in such a way to elevate your height up to 8cm. moreover, sole is composed of three further soles of different material as insoles, outer soles and mid soles. In all of these leather is being used as a primary material that helps in keeping your feet comfortable, cushioned and adds height. We also replace soles with rubber, plastic or wood according to your comfort and choice. so a simple solution to seem up to 8cm taller is getting a high soled shoes with actual quality and cherishing look. 

How to select shoes for taller look?

On the way of selection of your shoes there are a lot of aspects that you should keep under consideration but most important is its style like which type of it matches best with your personality whether they are also available in different heights and selection of best height choice for you is also an objective while opting it. Third step is to being aware from objective of shoes for which activities you wanna buy them and choose it pertaining to your needs weather these are for work or sports.

Benefits of elevator shoes:

Some of benefits and experiences by the use of elevator shoes are listed as:

Tall man for a casual date

As we meet our teenage years most of us becomes conscious to our looks and wanna get commanding look even in our walk or grocery shopping. But if we go to a casual dinner date if becomes an important event for us and could make it more charming by personality grooming and wearing such kind of shoes that assist to give us a taller look than our partner. It is also advisable to use long pants while wearing them and pastel colors to look slim and tall. Your such appearance gives you more contentment and positive energy to stay focused and progressing.  

Increase in height

Use of Elevator Shoes to increase height Is far different from heels experience because it is actually a hidden operation that increases height but not evident for outer view. So a simple and easy gateway of height elevation is opting shoes with high sandwiched insole. 

Improvement in your posture

Regardless to beauty and comfort elevator shoes are also best for provision of long term physical benefits and giving you an accurate posture because they keep your heels elevated to make your back straight and shoulders in perfect square to give you a best shape that is also helpful to keep you biologically healthy.

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Lowering of your leg pain

Elevator shoes are not only Important for your appearance but also for your health as in case of leg pain and asymmetry of legs when one leg is longer than other Elevator Shoes is a profound solution because evidence of leg difference can be covered easily by their use and we can also give you a match according to your physique.


So if you are conscious about your height and confidence and want to resolve it, elevator shoes is a best solution for you that gives you more comfort in your range just be sure on right selection and enjoy their huge pleasure and benefits. Moreover, our brand is available here to provide you with product of best quality according to your personality type and also making you aware by giving all biological ways to increase your height even after 18 through our e-book “grow taller after 18” that is also available online.