Height Increase Insoles Air Taller Cushion Shoes Insoles 4-Layer Heel Insert for Men

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Brand: Shaboo Prints

Color: Black


  • ★ Increase your height immediately, discretely and comfortably.
  • ★Height increasing insole is adjustable from 1.2″ to 3.5″ Inches depending on shoe type.
  • ★ Adjustale size from 4.5US to 9US. Will fit in larger shoes but less snug.
  • ★ Shock absorbing Shoe Insoles heel lift kit
  • ★ Stay cool and comfortable thanks to the special design that allows the air between insoles and shoes to circulate, helps to draw moisture away from your shoes, and keeps your shoes and feet dry and comfortable.

Package Dimensions: 63x278x343

Details: Are you tired of feeling limited by something completely out of your control? Your height, perhaps? Well thankfully, we have your solution and it’s an easy one:

This Insoles Our premium quality elevator Insoles instantly give you an increase in height of up 9cm (3.54 inches).

Slip on any of your shoes with adjustable inserts and immediately feel an increase not only in height but also in confidence.

You may be wondering, though: who exactly uses Height Increasing Inserts or Elevator Shoes, Should I be embarrassed? The simple answer is absolutely NOT!

Since the build-up of support is inside the shoe, these extra inches added are completely invisible. Nobody will ever suspect you’re wearing height increasing Insoles. And, with a purchase of inexpensive Insoles, you’ll be joining an elite group of men and women who are already reaping the confidence boosting benefits of Rise Insoles, including police officers, bouncers, musicians, teachers, lawyers, celebrities, real estate agents and everyone in between.

These Insoles are truly for anyone and everyone with a need for a height increase.

Did you know that 90 percent of company chief executives are above average height? It’s a simple fact: in our society, height matters. With our elevator Inserts, you’ll feel more attractive, more authoritative, more confident, and quite simply, happier. If a happier, more confident you is in order, you’ve come to the right place. Together, let’s eliminate your height insecurities and give you that extra boost of confidence with Our Insoles height increasing Insoles.

We’re sure you’ve noticed this in your everyday life, but there are a lot of perks to being a taller man or woman. Don’t you agree? We see it time and time again: men and women of a taller stature receive all these benefits while shorter men and women are left with no solutions for increasing their height.

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